Location, Parking, Transport Links, Map

Emmanuel Centre is Situated in the heart of Westminster, 3 minutes walk from Westminister Abbey, it is within walking distance of St. James's Park and Westminster tube stations, several key bus routes, main line Victoria station. There's plenty of parking nearby for cars and coaches.

Please click here to download a detailed "How To Find Us Map" with full transport links info in PDF format.

Types of Events and Conferences we Host

Emmanuel Centre is regularly used for examinations, AGM's or shareholders meetings, training seminars, council meetings, product launches, church gatherings, exhibitions, rallies, presentations, concerts and conferences. With plenty of natural light and easy access, the centre is also particularly suitable for seminars, workshops and children's programmes.

How to Use The Online Virtual Tour

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Simply mouse over the top Flash banner, select a room from the thumbnails and then click and scroll on the image and use your mouse to move into the room in every direction up, down, left , right, click on photo thumbnails to view close ups. You can also view in Full Screen by accessing the controls panel below the banner.

Pricing and How to Book

Every event is different and unique. We will be delighted to discuss your personal needs and make suitable arrangements to ensure the success of your event. Our dedicated professional and customer orientated staff are always eager to assist you. Please contact us for a site visit and be confident for a memorable experience. The cost of hiring the halls and other facilities within the centre are obtainable from our administration offices. Please telephone, fax, e-mail, or write to us at:-

Emmanuel Centre
9-23 Marsham Street
London SW1P 3DW

Telephone: 020 7222 9191
Fax: 020 7233 1922
E-mail: enquiry@emmanuelcentre.com

In-house Audio / Visual Equipment

The building's traditional character comes with modern facilities and fully integrated in-house audio-visual equipment including PA system in each hall, LCD projectors, laptops x 2, roaming microphones x 4, line microphones x 8, lapel microphones x 4, front projection screens x 8. The Main Auditorium also comes equipped with mackie multi channel audio mixing console, noise gates, compressor, effects unit, and playback and recording units.


The Centre is suitable for main events of up to 1,000 people in the Auditorium with two side events of up to 300 people each in the Upper Hall and the Lower Hall. It is suitable for all age groups, with the Lower Hall ideal for young people and the Garden Room as a creche for children.

Please click here to view or download individual specifications and capacities in PDF format.

Snack Bar, Catering and Hospitality

The lighting and decor of the Snack Bar gives a warm and friendly atmosphere. It is a good place for meeting people and serving light refreshments.

Disability Access

The Centre has a separate entrance for disabled people, and an area in the Auditorium for wheelchairs.

Opening and Closing Hours

We open from 9 AM - 11 PM, Daily, but can be flexible to your bespoke requirements.

Payment / Cancellation / Terms And Conditions

The following conditions are for organisations and individuals using the facilities of Emmanuel Centre and must be strictly adhered to. Acceptance of these conditions and the required non-refundable deposit, as outlined is required. Failure to do so could result in the loss of the booking.

DEPOSIT. All telephone bookings must be confirmed by returning the booking form together with a £100 non-refundable deposit.

PAYMENT. Users are required to pay the total invoiced charges two weeks before commencement of meetings. An invoice of the amount owing will be sent to you. There will also be an extra charge made in case of breakages, damage to centre equipment or leaving the premises in disorder.

Without prejudice to any other right, remedy or power contained in this Terms and Conditions of Use, for any of the invoiced sum (which may include the amount due for use of Emmanuel Centre and any other charges added onto the invoiced sum due to any kind of damage to the building or to any electrical or non electrical equipment or any cleaning up cost incurred by Emmanuel Centre), the user shall pay interest on such outstanding sum at 10% each day from and including the date when payment was due to the date of the actual payment to Emmanuel Centre.

In the event that your meeting runs over the agreed schedule, you will be required to pay the balance for the time used at the full rate.

All cheques should be crossed and made payable to Emmanuel Centre, and sent to:
Emmanuel Centre, 9-23 Marsham Street, London SW1P 3DW.

AVAILABILITY. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate your booking, we cannot accept liability in the event of the buildings becoming unavailable through reasons beyond our control. You will be informed immediately of any such event.

INSURANCE. Users are responsible for their own public liability insurance cover for all people and equipment during and immediately after the meetings.

EXCLUSION OF LIABILITIES.Emmanuel Centre is not liable for any injury or loss of belongings on its premises during the period of use, nor liable in respect of any change of programme of performers made by the promoters in accordance with the relevant law in force at the moment of use by the user.

CANCELLATION OF AGREEMENT.Should you have to cancel a booking made with us, please notify us of the cancellation as soon as possible. Late cancellations, less than one month from the event, will incur a liability to pay 40% of the total charge plus 10% administration charge, unless Emmanuel Centre is able to relet the rooms booked on the dates and hours specified.

USE OF AUDITORIUM, UPPER HALL & LOWER HALL. The main auditorium has a seating capacity for up to 1000 people. The upper and lower hall seats up to 250 people each. These numbers must not be exceeded due to fire regulation requirements.

GENERAL RULES. The user shall not use Emmanuel Centre or any part of it except for the purpose as communicated to and approved by the Marketing & Operations Manager.

No alteration to the hall/rooms can be made or lighting, heating and seating arrangements without prior consent from Emmanuel Centre. The use of nails, screws, staples and adhesive materials on painted surfaces is strictly forbidden. Emmanuel Centre reserves the right to charge for repair and renewals necessary following damages caused to the premises by the User.

Extra decorations, exhibitions or displays on the premises, in or out, require written consent from Emmanuel Centre.

The use of any special lighting effects, props, extra PA on the premises will incur additional charge for the use of electricity.

Users of the premises must notify Emmanuel Centre of the exact nature of the event at the time of booking. Emmanuel Centre reserves the right to accept bookings at their discretion. Failure to disclose the exact nature of the event may result in the termination of the agreement at a later date.

Permission must be sought if users wish to distribute or sell any newspapers, periodicals, books or any other items on the premises.

Users must observe the requirements of the Performing Rights Society Ltd and the Phonographic Performance Ltd and the provision of the Performers Protection Acts.

CLEARING AWAY. Please leave rooms tidy as far as possible, and dispose of any litter in the bins provided. Also, please ensure that you take with you any items of equipment or literature which you bring to the premises. Emmanuel Centre reserves the right to charge in our opinion a reasonable fee for rubbish disposal and cleaning if the premises is left in disorder.

AUDIOVISUAL EQUIPMENT. Any PA/LCD requirements should be requested at the time the booking is made. The Operations Manager will provide the rates for hiring PA/LCD equipment. There is a charge made for the use of our PA/LCD Operator services. (Please Enquire About Hire Charges).

You are also responsible for damages to equipment and furniture belonging to the Centre. Please report all damages and missing equipment to the Marketing and Operations Manager.

SUPERVISION OF THE PUBLIC.A minimum of 8 stewards are required for any event taking place in the auditorium. A minimum of 3 stewards are required for events taking place in either the Upper or Lower Halls.

The users and stewards will be notified by an Emmanuel Centre representative/manager of the relevant stewarding and safety procedures. Therefore, adequate time is required before an event to allow this to happen.

FACILITIES USED UNDER THIS AGREEMENT.The dates and times outlined on the booking form must include all the necessary time to:
- prepare areas used by the user and user's contractors for the purposes of the event; and
- for the clearing away thereafter of the property and effects of the user and users contractors./

Emmanuel Centre reserves the right to charge the user for any additional hours or part; thereof, for which the areas booked is in use in addition to those stated on the booking form.

Any loss of keys by users will result in a charge being made to the user for the cost of changing the locks or replacing lost keys.

Users will be shown which areas of Emmanuel Centre they have access to and areas which are out of bounds. Failure to remain in these areas may result in the immediate termination of this agreement.

EVENT PUBLICITY. All printed matter relating to an event must clearly state the title of the event, the starting time and date, and the words "Emmanuel Centre".

SECURITY. Please be warned of the risks of leaving property, coats, bags, etc. unattended on the premises at any time.

SMOKING. There is a NO SMOKING policy throughout the building.

ALCOHOL.Emmanuel Centre does not have a licence for the sale of any form of alcohol within the premises.

NOISE LEVELS. Meetings which exceed acceptable noise levels, as determined by Westminster Council will be subject to termination by the Emmanuel Centre.

STAFF. Although there is a caretaker at Emmanuel Centre, please note that he will be unable to assist in the running of your event. So please ensure that you come with a team of helpers and allow plenty of time for the setting up the auditorium or halls that you require.

FIRE EXITS. "In accordance with Westminster City Council persons shall not be permitted to stand or sit in any of the gangways - All exits must be kept clear at all times"
Please adhere to the fire exit signs indicated in the premises in case of emergency.

ENTERTAINMENT LICENCE. Please contact the Planning and Transportation Department of Westminster Council if you are planning on selling tickets for entrance into your event.

It is your responsibility to confirm whether you need an entertainments license.