What kind of church is Emmanuel?

In a nutshell, we are a lively, loving congregation, serving God's will in the heart of London!
At Emmanuel, we have a twin passion: Firstly, that when you come into contact with us, you will encounter the Living God and that you will grow to trust, love and serve Him.
Our second passion is that you will connect with us and together, we will help one another to honour and please Him, and use our gifts and resources to bring others to know Him. Authentic relationships are formed when we worship God, and when we commit ourselves to one another in small groups to reach out to the lost and needy.


We are a trans-denominational international church reflecting the cosmopolitan nature and diversity of the people in London, and are characterised with a passion to worship, love and follow Jesus. We hold a high view of the Bible and we rely on the power of the Holy Spirit. We are a cell based church so that through cells we build community with one another and also build bridges with the unchurched.

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